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Every radio station operating under an Ofcom licence is required by law to have a "Public File" on its website with details of its output.

Bournemouth One is not regulated by Ofcom currently but follows the Broadcasting Code to make sure our music and speech content remains suitable for its intended audience.


Bournemouth One's output is a rolling format consisting of roughly 20 minutes of music followed by 2 minutes of locally relevant information. This includes news, what's on, weather, traffic information, local jobs, coastal, tide times, sport, showbiz, business and a community noticeboard.

We do not have DJs or presenters but our announcers provide continuity between all of our speech items, with the rest of the output consisting of music, jingles and short messages from our sponsors.

All of our output is 'pre-recorded', usually on the day you hear it. Nothing is 'live' even though it is designed to be relevant at the time of broadcast.

We aim for all of our output to be 'real and relevant' meaning we offer accurate time-checks, details of active events taking place, and current weather, temperature and coastal conditions via computer software able to select the relevant information.


News updates are available every hour, with additional local information every 20 minutes. We operate a 20/20 format meaning we provide local information every 20 minutes, 16 hours a day on weekdays (hourly at other times). Our news is also available online via news.bournemouthone.com.


The songs we play are generally pop and chart music from the 1980s to the 2020s. Once an hour we play one song from the 1960s or 1970s ("Classic One") and one recently released song ("New One").

Local Information

Events and community information can be sent to us via our website or app. To submit an event, click here, to let us know about a community organisation, click here. For general enquiries, please use our contact form or email hello@bournemouthone.com.


As Bournemouth One is not regulated by any Government body, we ask that you direct any complaints direct to us via hello@bournemouthone.com and we will reply to your enquiry.

Station Contact Details

Full contact details can be found here. Our management team contact details can be found below:

CEO: Roy Martin (roy@bournemouthone.com)
Business Relationship Director: Sophie Greenwood (sophie@bournemouthone.com)
News Editor: Andy Diprose (andy@bournemouthone.com)

Website and Competition Terms and Conditions

Our terms for website usage and competition rules can be found here.


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