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Bournemouth One is a local company offering businesses and organisations a chance to promote their products and services on the radio to residents and visitors to the BCP and east Dorset area.

Here are three facts you might not already know;

Audience Fact (Based on official streaming data from Centova)

Bournemouth One is proud to be reaching over 10,000 monthly listeners online alone. 

Streaming Fact

Online listening is now more popular than FM and AM radio.

Business Fact

Campaigns that use radio grow market share 4x faster than those that don't.

Why advertise on the radio? RadioCentre

Radio delivers a £7.70 revenue return on investment on average for every pound spent.

Radio offers short lead times and relatively low-cost production, making it ideal for promoting tactical advertising messages at short notice as well as being able to buy more audience impressions for your money than with any other medium. It can be efficiently targeted by station-type; age, social grade, and gender; and the geographical region as well as by the time of day and day of the week, and is used by people to accompany tasks and activities across the day, making it easier for brands to reach people at relevant times and in relevant places.

Radio can also play a powerful role in helping to build brands in the longer-term:

  • Boosts online brand browsing by 52%
  • Increases awareness of advertisers by 48%
  • Listeners are 12% more likely to consider advertised brands when buying

For more information or just a conversation on how radio can work for you, email hello@bournemouthone.comor phone 01202 374411. 

Alternatively please fill out the form below.

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